Camilo Doumat: Better Known As “Parteface” A Passionate Venezuelan Building an Empire – Revista Imagen Miami

Camilo Doumat: Better Known As “Parteface” A Passionate Venezuelan Building an Empire – Revista Imagen Miami

Camilo Doumat, better known as “Parteface”, is a young Venezuelan entrepreneur who has built an e-commerce empire by living an inspiring life. His winning mentality has driven him the opportunity to achieve success at a very young age. 
Born in Venezuela, Camilo started his first business at 16 years of age by selling phones online. His passion for business, exotic cars, watches, and financial freedom, took him into a path to look for the best way to make money even while vacationing.
He remembers how he dreamed of having exotic cars as a kid. Today, he lives that dream and wants to influence others to change their minds and invest smartly. He has created a successful business that helps thousands achieve the same Camilo has achieved. 
Camilo is now a very well-known figure in the world of e-commerce, having managed to turn over 7 million dollars in just one year. He has made 1.3 million dollars in a month and over $100k in one day. 
How are you helping people day by day?
I motivate people to fulfill their dreams, teaching them that everything is possible with the right mindset. In my case, I show them that e-commerce is a way to undertake and have financial freedom.
What have you achieved with your company/personal brand so far?
I fulfilled all the dreams I had as a child. And financial freedom to the point that I continue making money while traveling. 
When you make money while you sleep, you know you have succeeded.
What makes you different than others?
Two years ago, I was working as a Uber. I am an expert at electronic commerce, specializing in manual bidding. “Manual bidding” is a strategy that exists on any platform where you can advertise, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, or TikTok (among others). It is about offering more money for higher quality traffic and thus surpassing your competitors. It is something unique that I have learned, spending a lot of money perfecting my techniques. Apart from calling me Parteface, many call me “Manual Bid King.”
Why would your target audience have to follow you?
My public is anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur and get out of the rat race, people who have dreams to fulfill. I show them that it is possible and that you only have to have one principle: never give up until you achieve it. No matter your age, it’s never too late to achieve whatever you dream of and set out to do.
Where do you see yourself/your company five years from now?
I have been evolving. As I mentioned before, I wanted to start selling on Amazon. Still, circumstances in life took me to begin at Shopify creating my own website/brand, and it was a success. But now a new branch of “Parteface” has emerged with which we have a resounding success. It’s called “Parteface Automation.” We offer people a passive income model. They can invest by buying a membership to manage Amazon stores, generating incredible profitability without the person doing anything, simply sitting and watching their profits.
We will continue to offer services for people who want to make e-commerce their lifestyle. 
How would you want the readers to benefit from this article?
They will realize that dreams do come true. How much do you want it? Everything you dream or want so much, now, change your mentality, and your life will adjust, work hard: the secret sauce is not to stop trying. The faster you fail, the quicker you will succeed.
What’s the story behind these successes?
The key is to achieve a correct set of mind towards success. 
My life story is so incredible that when I started doing e-commerce, the success came so fast that in just 20 days, I sold more than 300 thousand dollars with my first store. 

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