He is CueBanks: The Jamaican Entrepreneur and Trader influencing thousands to change their lives. – Revista Imagen Miami

He is CueBanks: The Jamaican Entrepreneur and Trader influencing thousands to change their lives. – Revista Imagen Miami

Quillan Roberto Black is a 30-year-old Entrepreneur originally from Mandeville, Jamaica. From a young age, Quillian was confident that working a 9-5 job was not going to be his way of living and was not a sustainable or healthy way of growing in life. 
After watching many of his friends and family follow the traditional path of earning income, Quillan realized they were missing what life had to offer and determined to live a different lifestyle. At the age of 20, Quillian started his first job in which he stayed for three years earning $8.30 per hour. He began investing his paychecks in brokerage accounts and started very soon exploring the world of trading, especially he encountered the Forex Market back in 2013. He later put his focus into learning to trade in the Forex market. After trading and making consistent profits for several months, Quillan met others in his network with the same interests. He began to gain knowledge from them and was soon able to achieve and add his twist to personally analyzing the market.
Today, Quillian shares his knowledge with everyone interested in it through his own company called “Forever In Profit,” Youtube videos, and many other channels that help people every day to accomplish financial independence. 

We spoke with Quillian, who shared more details about his life and how he is influencing the lives of others.
What did you dream of yourself when you were a kid?
So when it comes to being a kid and dreaming, it’s always good to dream big regardless of if you know how to get there or not. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a kid, but I knew that I had a passion for cars. When it came down to vehicles and modifying them and just overall having fun with them on the streets and going to car shows, that was my calling, but I had to find a way on how I was able to fund this passion. As a kid, I was obsessed, and I showed that by just being around people with similar interests, I knew I would figure out a way to start making enough money to start living out my passions one day.
Are you living your dream now?
I don’t ever consider myself living a dream because I understand reality. I don’t wake up every day and tell myself, “ I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe that I did this.” When you work hard and have a passion you are working towards every day, the results will show, but I do not consider it a dream because I worked hard to be where I am standing today. 
Is there any person directly responsible for your interest in trading?
There’s not one person mainly, because when it came down to me getting interested in trading, there were just people on Facebook posting about it, but it’s not one person that I looked at as a mentor when it came to trading. I just knew that I was always self-motivated, and I knew where I wanted it to be.
Explain to us what is “Forever in Profit”?
Forever In Profit is the leading brand I run with my business partner Ryan Gilpin. That all came about by us being in a Facebook group a long time ago with people with similar interests in trading and just making a name for ourselves. We eventually connected in person and then came up with some business ideas to start a chat. We slowly began teaching people some of our methodology, which evolved into an educational platform where we introduced our styles differently. So overall, Forever In Profit is just an umbrella that we use as an entrepreneur hub because today, the brand has multiple ways to invest and make income in the digital markets.
Why did you decide to create “Forever in Profit”?
We decided to create “Forever and Profit” because we wanted to add value to our niche, and what better way than to teach someone how to go about something to get them better at it. That’s when we came up with our complete educational platform to introduce our methodology. If we’re doing good at a particular skill set, we are sure that there are people who want to expand and gain knowledge within that same field.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 5 years?
So, when it comes to the future of our brand, I feel as if we are doing very well for our current state. So, our primary goal is to maintain and build up what we already have in order to gain more exposure and get people familiar with what the brand is all about. We’re at a reasonable rate at how many people we impact in all parts of the world, especially in the Hispanic community. We are not one brand that tries to bring something new every month. We like to build up what we have and make the best out of it, so it’s bulletproof.
What other ways do you use to share your knowledge with other people?
Nowadays, it is not as open as it used to be because I retired from teaching in-person seminars from 2016 through 2019. Since Covid-19, I have only focused on building constants within my platform Wall Street Academy and getting more traction on YouTube so people can absorb some of my knowledge for free. I always like to give my value out there so people can get to know me and see what I bring to the table, and from there, if they want to enroll in any future programs, they’ll be more than willing to.
Any additional information you would like to share?
Not much left to say, but I always like to end on the note of saying my favorite quote that I live by; “Believe you are great before anyone else does”’. That quote just means be self-motivated and know where you see yourself in the future, so it doesn’t take someone else to come into your life to make that a possibility.

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